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3D Scanning Services

3D laser scanning ensures that design and construction is based on the most accurate information from the start. By creating a virtual walk-through of a construction site or as-built conditions, 3D scanning can remove unforeseen issues.

Blue Northern Builders employs the latest in 3D scanning technology to provide a level of detail that far exceeds traditional survey techniques.

Improve Planning, Design, and Construction

Our 3D scanning service provides vital information for Sacramento and Bay Area building projects. 3D scanning can help:

  • Analyze a potential construction site
  • Identify and resolve potential problems
  • Produce as-built design documents
  • Prepare for future phases of construction
  • Avoid costly changes and delays
  • Enable project owners to visualize results

Contact Blue Northern Builders today to learn more about how our 3D scanning services can benefit your Bay Area or Sacramento-area construction project.

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