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The Blue Northern Builders team has been building dental offices since 1987. We have the knowledge and the resources to help you realize your vision. Let us handle all the details of your dental office construction project, so you can focus on building your practice.

We stay current with the latest dental technology to help you construct the best layout for your equipment requirements.

With You Every Step of the Way

In dental office construction, every detail matters. Blue Northern will walk you through every step of your project, from site evaluation to space planning, budgeting through construction.

Our experienced team of dental contractors will work closely with you to ensure your facility meets current needs while remaining flexible for future growth.

Contact Blue Northern Builders today to learn more about our approach to dental office construction and discuss your project with an experienced dental contractor.

Dr. Josh Branco, Advanced Denture and Implant Solutions

Dental Office in Reno, NV

1572 sq. ft.

This dental construction project has a modern clean crisp feel.  The Dentist added in some natural elements to add warmth to the dental office.

Branco 1
branco 2
branco 3
branco 4

Dr. Jose Juarez, Smile Kingdom

Dental Office in Rancho Cordova, CA

2021 sq. ft.

This dental construction project was an idea the Doctor had. He worked step by step with Blue Northern Builders and together we made his concept into his reality.

Juarez 1
Juarez 2
Juarez 3
Juarez 4

Dr. Marta Baird, Baird Orthodontics

Orthodontics Office in Pleasanton, CA

1659 sq. ft.

This dental construction project stemmed from a design concept created by the Kohan Group.Blue Northern Builders took the 3D rendering and transformed it into reality.

Baird 1
Baird 2
Barid 3
Baird 4
Baird 5

Dr. Ed Wiggins, D2O Dental

General Dentistry Office in Sacramento, CA

1850 sq. ft.

Working in close collaboration with Dr. Wiggins and the project designer, we achieved a sleek, modern look with a warm feel for this dental office located in a mid-town Sacramento multi-story loft building.

Wiggins 1
Wiggins 2
Wiggins 3
Wiggins 4
Wiggins 5

Dr. Cory Costanzo, Costanzo Orthodontics

Orthodontics Office in Fresno, CA

3090 sq. ft.

Dr. Costanzo had chosen a theme for his office, but he wasn’t sure how to execute his ideas. By working with Blue Northern Builders, Dr. Costanzo was able to see his ideas realized. The result is a prime example of how craftsmanship, artistic ability, and dental contracting expertise form a winning combination.

Costanzo 1
Costanzo 2
Costanzo 3
Costanzo 4
Costanzo 5

Dr. Michael Chu, Patient Dental

General Dentistry Office in Elk Grove, CA

3,600 sq. ft.

The construction of this general dentistry office required the renovation of an existing commercial building with the floor-space area of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. The dental office we constructed for Dr. Chu consisted of only 3,600 sq. ft., leaving the rest of the space for future lease.

Chu 1
Chu 2
Chu 3
Chu 4
Chu 5

Mark Lowe DDS Orthodontics

Orthodontics Office in Fresno, CA

2,954 sq. ft.

Dr. Lowe's state-of-the-art orthodontics office involved the incorporation of many creative design features into his open-bay work area, including artistic flooring and ceiling transitions.

Lowe 1
Lowe 2
Lowe 3
Lowe 4
Lowe 5

Dr. Christine Rimi Kobayashi, Pediatric Dentistry San Ramon

Pediatric Dentistry Office in San Ramon, CA

3,350 sq. ft.

A soothing ocean-like atmosphere meets a laid-back beach vibe in Dr. Kobayashi’s San Ramon dental office. The waiting, hygiene, and quiet areas flow from one room to another, ensuring privacy without feeling closed off.

Dr. Michael Wu Family Dentistry

General Dental Office in San Ramon, CA

2300 sq. ft.

This Design Build partnership with Shultz & Associates in the bay area delivered the clients vision to reality.

WU 1
WU 2

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